Dedicated and committed to our goals and objectives, we are reaching far more wider range of groups, attaining milestones through multiple channels and awareness.

Our main focus is dedicated towards re-invigorating the creative spirit and we are strategically working towards this through various channels. Our growing creative community inspires joy and innovation in people of all ages, energizing them to transform their lives, their communities, and society as a whole.

Huluku Festival

Huluku Festival is the annual gathering where creative professionals in all disciplines with a range of experience come to learn from the brightest minds in the creative industry — and beyond.

Huluku Bootcamp

Huluku Bootcamp helps local young people develop their creative potential through a
free / light-pay training. All classes are taught by experienced professional working in their fields.

Huluku Tools

We source for tools for African children to develop their abilities. We do this with the help of our partners and individual donors who see the need to empower kids with the right tools in preparation for the future.

Huluku People

We produce a 3-minute inspiring video on outstanding Creative professionals and shared with the world as an educating material. We bring our passion for storytelling and strategy to help Creatives achieve greater impact.

Huluku Exhibition

Huluku team is committed to publicising good works in order to get creatives name out there. We organize exhibitions covering different themes in art, photography or emergent technologies.

Huluku Contest/Award

We take time to run contests, organise a jury, and generally do most of the hard work. The awards / contests stir the spirit to create in our communities and inspire people to come with solutions to problems.