• Brief about yourself (two lines)

A multi-talented finance industry professional with interests in Finance, Business Consulting, Innovations, Intellectual property development, creativity, Commercial Arbitration and motivating people to pursue and achieve their potentials.

  •  You recently developed a product (IgureTable Soccer Board Game), What motivated you? –

The need to have a fun game/activity that families can use for bonding and foster social interactions across various geographies.

  •  Do you have a process for the development of the product?

Conception, Research, Product Design, Development and Creation

  •  A major Challenge of developing products in Africa –

Access to material inputs, inexpensive production processes and systems and production support facilities, lack of organized distribution channels especially for new products.

  • Benefit of the product

A multi sector product useful in the education, sports, recreation, hospitality and home sectors to boost social interactions, integration, relaxation, education and entertainment.

  • You book of all times?

How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

  • One rule for product developers

Never give up

  • Your philosophy about life

 Live and let live

  • How does your product help Creatives

To remind them that there is still something new under the sun

  • Country you will like to visit. Why –

Paris – It is the city of love.


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