• About Yourself. (Education, Experience)
      • Ms. Binta Shuaibu was born in Kano State, Nigeria to parents who were both civil servants and had emphasis on the girl child education. She has always exemplified strong leadership and visionary qualities both personally and for her organization. She has shown tremendous growth for her brand over the years, one of which is her ‘WHY’ business belief for her brand which is:“We believe that clothes should fit women and not women altering their bodies to fit clothes. We know, that fit and comfort are decisive factors, which every woman looks for in what she wears. As such, with years of research, our teams of experts have invented a Nigerian size guide, which takes into account that Nigerian women are hardly proportional to mainstream clothing sizes. By designing culturally sensitive, easy to wear Afrocentric high street clothing, we are the brand that ensures it all fits. We produce and retail affordable, functional, and trendy clothes for the retro fashion-focused woman.We are passionate about ethical fashion wages for our workers and are constantly working towards changing the poverty status quo within our communities”. This Innovation solves the developmental challenge of decent work and economic growth, which is one of the SDG’s goals.” With a B.Sc in Biochemistry and an M.Sc in International Affairs to Diplomacy, she also studied at Cisco Networking Academy in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. She has also obtained a lot of experience when she studied for short courses on Fashion at the University of the Arts-Central Saint Martins, London, United Kingdom and also several entrepreneurial and Business management courses. She is a moderate French speaker and fluent in English. Ms. Shuaibu core strength is visionary leadership. She is passionate about changing the poverty status quo within her community and investing in women and women entrepreneurship.
  • Why did you choose the fashion industry?
  • I chose to work in the fashion industry because it was the only industry that i could decide to work for free because of the my passion for it and also because there was a need that i wanted to fill with my expertise within the industry.
  • Singular most important lesson for upcoming Fashion Designers
  • Learn to know your strengths and weaknesses, to know whether you want to work within the industry or lead your company. There are too many failed fashion businesses simply because a lot of the jobs required for the fashion value chain are not occupied by the right individuals trained for the job, because everyone interested in the fashion industry focuses only of being a fashion designer leaving the other positions vacant.
  • What is your inspiration? I am inspired mostly by lifestyle of individuals.
  • Ever felt like quitting and what helped you get through
  • Yes, so many times. What helped me go through was my visual imagination for the future of my brand. I have never taken my eye off my vision for the brand.
  • If you weren’t (whatever he or she is doing), what would you be up to right now?
  • I would have been an Architect, Interior Designer or a Business Strategist.
  • What’s your biggest/weirdest fear doing business?
  • Economic Catastrophe and not being able to give my clients the right value for their money.
  • What would be your one super power?
  • Resilience to never give up.
  • Doing business in Nigeria? Is only for the strong willed and passionate entrepreneur.
  • Aiming at winning any award?
  • No. Just trying to do the best I can for now.

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