Creative Crush – Bolanle Igure

  • Brief about yourself (two lines)

A multi-talented finance industry professional with interests in Finance, Business Consulting, Innovations, Intellectual property development, creativity, Commercial Arbitration and motivating people to pursue and achieve their potentials.

  •  You recently developed a product (IgureTable Soccer Board Game), What motivated you? –

The need to have a fun game/activity that families can use for bonding and foster social interactions across various geographies.

  •  Do you have a process for the development of the product?

Conception, Research, Product Design, Development and Creation

  •  A major Challenge of developing products in Africa –

Access to material inputs, inexpensive production processes and systems and production support facilities, lack of organized distribution channels especially for new products.

  • Benefit of the product

A multi sector product useful in the education, sports, recreation, hospitality and home sectors to boost social interactions, integration, relaxation, education and entertainment.

  • You book of all times?

How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

  • One rule for product developers

Never give up

  • Your philosophy about life

 Live and let live

  • How does your product help Creatives

To remind them that there is still something new under the sun

  • Country you will like to visit. Why –

Paris – It is the city of love.


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Creative Crush – Olorunsegun Olorunfemi, Illustrator

  •  Brief about yourself

I am a Lagos based illustrator and designer, a sound engineer who studied Public Administration (LASU)

  • What are your strengths?

My strengths are enthusiasm, creativity, discipline, patience, determination and dedication.

  • Your philosophy of art

my philosophy of art is the representation of reality, the depiction of ordinary, everyday activities and life in a cartoonist style.

  •  How long have you been doing this?

I have been an art enthusiast since my formative years. Been drawing since I was a teenager but I only seriously began illustrations around last year.

  • What was your biggest failure?

Not doing arts in the university

  • Who’s your mentor?
  • If you mean who inspire me then I will say Ben Enwonwu and lemi Ghariokwu

What is your favorite website? No favorite website.

  • Your likes about Lagos.. I love the beautiful beaches, exciting attractions like the Terra kulture, fredompark, owambe parties, large and accessible market, daily Lagos scenes, street vendors, agbero, bus conductors….
  • What will you change in Nigeria?
  • Education
  • 10. Do you think your art is a movement? 


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Through the eyes of a child

Stupid thing to do? See through the eye(s) of a child sometimes. Ask a child his solution to a problem. We have heard of and had those “power moments” of brainstorming, the big board meeting, the big tables and the big chairs, the markers with big wigs and their gadgets that lead to nothing.

Adults could be regimented because of their formed opinion and experience but the heart of a child is always inquisitive, curious and wanting to know. Children aren’t afraid of making mis-take, they see the fun in the activity, and are willing to make ‘trying’ a tool for exploration. Everybody thinks. Everybody including children thinks. This is the age of Experience. Children are quick to state their experiences about places, products and services.

I once went to a “Bank” in Nigeria, after spending half an hour on the queue, a child next to me said, “Mummy, I don’t like this place!” Those lines triggered my thinking system. I was curious to know why he said so. Was it because of the crowd, the long queue, the time spent and wasted? I asked the child, “Why don’t you like this place?” He said, ‘cause he needed to go do his homework’. For the Child, other than spending long time in the bank, there are priorities of his to be taken care of; perhaps the Bank didn’t know that the long queue is an indicator of ineffectiveness. Of course you will say that the Bank is not an environment for play or a classroom for working on an assignment, but what if the bank makes her brand homely & friendly? What if the bank redesigns its process of attending to customers? What if there is a special section for nursing mothers, for physically challenged? What if the bank values the time of my client’s client invariably? When as a business or a freelancer you have succeeded at making your client’s client better, then you are in business.

The creative prowess of a child can be utilized to solve a problem. Children are valuable natural resources. Don’t be afraid to ask a child to come up with a recipe, the prototype of your next product, the sketch/wireframes of your next app, the answer to your research questionnaire, the script for your next play… The result might be the next BIG THING; the result might just be phenomenal.

Children are our most valuable natural resources
– Herbert Clark


Free your mind

We all as Creative professionals are performers. A performer could exhibit stage fright on function. Let’s admit it, the artist shivers at the sight of a blank canvas, a writer could stare at a blank page for hours without a drop of ink, the Composer might dread the sound of silence looming his studio. It is easier to watch the ‘Angel on the piano play’, ‘the butterfly fluttering its wings’ but such grandeur takes immense practice and conduct at act..